“Moisturizing & Soothing Cream” which forms elastic skin protection for skin

It is a soft and moist type of light cream so it has soothing effects with aloe extract.
It also has high-moisturizing effects with its natural moisturizing ingredients and
they comfort skin by forming skin protection.

Principle of Action

The excellent soothing effect of aloe as well as the renewing effect of EGF,
green tea, bambusa vulgaris shoot extract recover the skin rapidly. Also, the vegetable
extract of squalane supplies nutrition and form a protection for skin.

How to use

- Spread and leave it to absorb after serum step.


Aloe essential soothing cream is a light and fresh type of moisturizing cream so
when you feel like you are in need of nutrition you can apply essential soothing
balm after using soothing cream.

Suggested Skin Types

Red skin result from
hormonal changes during the climacterium

After dermatological procedures

Dehydrated skin from
frequent air-conditioning and heating