“ Moisturizing & Soothing pack” for puffy and sensitive skin

It is concentrated-moisturizing pack for extra dehydrated skin. It makes the
puffy and sensitive skin become moist and neat with instant moisturizing and soothing.

Principle of Action

The soothing effect of aloe and the rich nutrition of shea butter recover dehydrated
skin and help skin not to get damaged. Also, the brightening effect from Acerola and
Camu Camu improve the skin tone.

How to use

1. Spread with brush at mask step and remove after 10 mins using wet tissue or wet sponge
2. After the skin care step, spread them prior to sleep and wash off the next morning.


For better soothing effect, you can use aloe soothing gel as a base and apply essential
soothing pack on top of it.

Suggested Skin Types

Red skin result from
hormonal changes during the climacterium

After dermatological procedures

Dehydrated skin from
frequent air-conditioning and heating