Velvet Mask for immediate nourishment for rough skin in need of nutritional supply

The product relieves aging phenomena immediately when skin shows rapid aging caused by
various environmental reasons including UV rays and surrounding harmful environment.

Principle of Action

It’s a mask for immediate control of evident aging. Collagen, adenosine and plant stem cell
cultured liquid contained in the product restores youthfulness by improving wrinkles and elasticity.
Also, the mask brings softness and moistness to skin seriously lacking in oil and water
(example: seriously dry skin) by immediate supply of nourishment.

How to use

- Place the mask sheet and firmly adhere to face when skin nourishment is exhausted or there
are evident aging phenomena. Remove the sheet after 20~30 minutes of application and get the
residual essence absorbed.


- Further nourishing effect can be felt by giving a massage using collagen rechargingcream after using velvet mask.
- When aging shows evidently, use velvet mask every night for a week.

* Mummy mask: is a method of covering face like mummy using soaked cosmetic cotton.
It is effective in increasing permeability of the product and soothing irritated skin.

Suggested Skin Types

The skin that needs improvements in wrinkles and elasticity

Rough skin lacking in nourishment

Thin skin lacking in elasticity