“Moisturizing & Soothing” ampoule for dehydrated and sensitive skins.

“Moisturizing & Soothing” ampoule for dehydrated and sensitive skins. The instant
soothing & moisturizing ampoule makes concentrated aloe component passes through rapidly to
dry and sensitive skin and form the moisturizing net which helps comforting.

Principle of Action

The excellent soothing effect of aloe, the strong moisturizing effect of Hyaluronic
acid and the antioxidnat effect of rich vitamin ingredients from Aerola and Camu Camu
make skin moist and shiny.

How to use

1. Use before the serum step and leave it to absorb.
2. Use before the modeling mask as a base and apply enough to be absorbed.


If you apply the ampoule intensively on the spot that appears dead skin cell due to
the dryness will rapidly soothe the skin.

Suggested Skin Types

Red skin result from
hormonal changes during the climacterium

After dermatological procedures

Dehydrated skin from
frequent air-conditioning and heating